23 Reasons Why We HomeSchool

23 Reasons Why We HomeSchool

Homeschooling is a is funny thing, it takes people who usually mind their own business and transforms them into out spoken, inquisitive folk.  The first question they will ask you is WHY?

I used to really dislike getting bombarded with this question since it seemed like no matter what I said for my reasons why we chose to homeschool, they never seemed to be enough to satisfy those who were asking.

Then I had a bit of a revelation…

The Power of WHY

Knowing your why will empower you in your:

  • home school
  • life
  • business
  • relationships
  • sports
  • workouts…..etc.

The list can be endless, the power of WHY can empower your whole being!

So, when you get bombarded with the question “Why do you homeschool?” for the 273rd time, instead rolling your eyes and brushing them off with the quickest answer like…”we just thought it would be better”; use it as an opportunity for growth.

After all, you don’t know the motive behind that person’s question.

Perhaps they want to know because they have been yearning to homeschool their children and are searching for a mentor.  Then again they could be people who just don’t get it or even feel threatened somehow that you homeschool.  Either way, taking the time to answer  this WHY question will at minimum empower you, but it also has the ability to reach out and empower others.

Why you can homeschool or home educate

23 Reasons Why:

  1. My children  They are the best little people I know…I do it all for them! 🙂
  2. I love their inquisitive nature!
  3. The sparkle in their eyes!
  4. I want them to love books….and they do!
  5. I want them to be properly prepared to know how to gather information.
  6. I want them to learn how to apply that information…which doesn’t always mean writing out a report.
  7. I want to free them from “busy work”.
  8. I want them to be on fire for knowledge.
  9. The extra hugs.
  10. The family read-a-loud times.
  11. The great discussions.
  12. The ability to handle situations as they arise.
  13. The fact that I am more aware of any situation almost immediately v.s. a week or more later if child was at school.
  14. I can celebrate with them when they learn to tie their shoes, or print their name!
  15. Our playtime is far more productive.
  16. No useless worksheet after worksheet.  We do real learning for our current needs.
  17. We can make a mess.  We have fun with our projects!
  18. I get to be the one to wipe the tears when they are frustrated or sad.
  19. I have the power to outsource if need be and I also get to search for the best possible person to help with aerodynamics (as one example).
  20. I get to laugh with them when they say the best one liners.
  21. We have time to volunteer.
  22. More time for sports and extra curricular activities.
  23. We can instill our family values day-to-day.  Again I am aware of situations and I am available to them to help figure it out and guide them.

There are so many more reasons why we chose to homeschool.  These are just 23 reasons why, that I had on my mind this sunny afternoon.

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23 Reasons Why We Homeschool
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