Add Value to Your Homeschool

Add Value to Your Homeschool

We often think of value in terms of marketing or consumerism, but what if we thought of value within our family unit?

Each and every member of our family has their own value they add.  We all have special talents which can enhance our family relationships.

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Add Value to Your Homeschool

Have an evening or a rainy afternoon meeting with your kids to brainstorm and help one another recognize their own special gifts and talents?

I’m sure your family has someone who:

  • Can make you laugh
  • Enjoys a good and lively discussion
  • Is a caregiver
  • Can fix or build things
  • Bakes or cooks
  • Is musical
  • Enjoys organizing
  • Loves to read to others
  • etc.

The list can go on, but you get the idea.  Sharing your unique talents and gifts within the family will strengthen everyone and also help you recognize how you can help others outside of your family unit.

As homeschool parents, husband and wife can also take time to brainstorm how to add more value to the homeschool day.

How can we enhance the education of our children?

Add more value to your homeschool by:

  • Adding in more of the Arts – Music and Art
  • More fieldtrips
  • Co-op classes
  • Online classes
  • Park days and play days with other homeschool families
  • Finding ways to help break down learning barriers
  • Having a flex day
  • Join in on the learning! Let them see Mom and Dad trying their hand at something new!

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This vocation of home educating our children is important, but never forget to enjoy the process, and more importantly…enjoy one another!


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