Break Free in Your Homeschool!

Break Free in Your Homeschool!

This is a short and sweet post inviting  you to break free from what you think school is or requires us to do.

Break Free
Break Free in Your Homeschool!

Change Things Up

In our home school we  love using our white boards and chalkboards, especially if the children are in a self-blocking mode.

By changing things up a bit,  it creates a shift in their mental state and they become more engaged.

We have conquered many math problems, difficult spelling words, or writer’s block by just changing from pencil and paper to the chalkboard, or to the whiteboard and marker.

How to Keep a Record of Learning if there isn’t a Paper Trail?

Some may argue that you need a paper trail to keep track of it all, which is true to a certain degree…But…it isn’t necessary for every single math problem or spelling list etc.  We live in a time where things are becoming more easily tracked and stored digitally. 

Take some quick photos of your children’s whiteboard work and have a file for it on your computer.  A quick fix to your “paper trail” dilemma.


This is just one example of how we “Break Free”  in our home school, I will share more ideas in upcoming posts.  (In fact I think this might be a first in a series of similar posts.)

Until then, I invite you to share with me some of your freeing moments in your home school in the Comment box below.

What’s 1 thing you do to “break free”?

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