Homemade Play Dough for Tactile and Creative Play!

Homemade Play Dough for Tactile and Creative Play!

Lately I have been putting off anything creative  in our homeschool.  It wasn’t intentional, I think life got busy so I felt I had to concentrate on the nitty gritty of our studies like Math, Spelling, Reading and some Science.  Problem is we need to nourish our creative selves just as much as our academic selves.

I am a firm believer that being creative through art/music, etc.  actually strengthens our brains  and our cognitive functions.

So why did I let it slide? 

I’m not sure, but I think the mess of it all could have something to do with it, combined with all our extra curricular activities starting.  Poor excuses I know, but I am sure I am not alone; we all go through times where we just don’t feel like we can handle any more mess than necessary on a given day.

Today, I got back into the creative groove and we made our own colourful play dough!  The kids were so excited, even my older kids enjoy sculpting with play dough!

Ever since I made the time to make a couple batches  of play dough…all my kids have been happier and more productive.  Not because it is magical dough, but because we got back in the creative groove!

Don’t be afraid of the mess and let your creative juices go!  I have to admit I also enjoyed making something other than meals.


Baked Play Dough Recipe

Set out all your ingredients.
1 Cup of Flour
1/2 Cup Salt
2 tsp Cream of Tartar
1 Cup of Water
1 tsp cooking oil
food colouring



  • In a sauce pan combine Flour, Salt and Cream of Tartar.  Add Water (I usually add my food colouring to water so it mixes evenly into dough) and Oil (I sometimes add a bit more than a tsp…just experiment).
  • Cook over medium heat for approx. 3 minutes, stirring constantly, until it starts to pull away from sides of pot.
  • Remove from heat and let cool for 1 minute.  Transfer over to a work surface and knead until smooth.
  • Store in an air tight container.
Stir until it pulls from sides.
Finished product!
Our Colourful Home Made Play Dough!
Have Fun!
All our play dough tools…and some creative mess!


What creative projects do you have on the go right now?


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    1. Hi Miranda,
      I usually add 1 Cup of water. (I just edited the recipe…thank you.)
      Let me know how your play dough turns out! 🙂

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