Homeschool Chemistry-Acids and Bases

Homeschool Chemistry-Acids and Bases

We have a small Chemistry kit and had a great day testing household products for acidity and alkalinity.

I help set them up and get them going, then all I did was supervise and mediate.

Through their own experimenting they came to conclusions that if a substance was at either end of the pH scale that it would be very harmful v.s. something that is closer to the middle or pH of 7.  That opened up some great discussion and lead to a list of what we will test next time.

Not bad for 11 and 9 years old 😉

Science does not have to be over complicated, simplify and supervise (we don’t need any explosions or injuries)  and let them discover things on their own.   I always ask open ended questions for them to make a hypothesis, without leading them.  They need to make their own prediction even if it is way off, it is good for them to carry out the experiment and for them to see where their hypothesis may be wrong or right.  Both outcomes facilitate great discussions.

Let them record data different ways too.  Sometimes we chart data, and sometimes we draw pictures; while other times we just discuss and take pictures.

Science does not have to be overwhelming or intimidating, it does require some supplies and some shared enthusiasm.

Think ahead book a morning or afternoon, gather your supplies and get ready for some fun!

What experiment did you try?

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