Homeschool Organization – Schedules

Homeschool Organization – Schedules


Homeschool Daily Schedule

We all like our days to run smoothly, but what are you doing to help make that happen?


Whether you are a schedule type person or not, whether you unschool or follow a strict curriculum of studies, we all need some sort of organization to our day.


How We Organize our Home School Day


I vary from having a strict schedule when need be, to a more loose schedule where we mostly go with the flow; and I have built our week to reflect our varying needs.  I need days where we can be more free and where we don’t need to be out the door at a specific time, those days help all of us replenish ourselves.  On those days however, we still have things we need to get done and I will display a list of what that is for my kids.


To fill my kids in on what needs doing that day I will use everything from personalized notes, to white boards, to our on line organizer.  Another app I am excited to try out is Cozi, I like the idea of my husband being able to “hook up” and download what is going on.  After all,  when he is out of the house most of the time this seems like a quick and easy way to help keep him in the loop of our homeschool schedule of activities.


I also really like the idea of our children being aware of what is expected and taking on a bit of the responsibility of knowing what is on the schedule.


This  will help develop, in them, a sense of pride in checking off the list while forming organizational skills of their own.  It also encourages independence.


Here are some tools to help keep you organized:


What do you do to stay organized?


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