Homeschool Science with Snow

Homeschool Science with Snow
Homeschool Snow Experiments
Homeschool Snow Experiments


With each child I have done this simple experiment to show why we don’t eat


All you need is a coffee filter, a cup and some snow.

Include All Your Children

  • Place a handful of snow in the filter and wait for it to melt.
  • Ask:
  • What temperature is the snow?
  • How long did it take for snow to melt?
  • What properties of matter did you see?  Did it change at all?
  • How does the paper filter work?
  • What temperature is the melted snow?
  • What is left in the filter (if you have microscope you could make a slide)
  • Should you eat snow?

The little ones are always AMAZED at what is in our seemingly  sparkly white snow.   I should add they were amazed with scrunched up noses…Yuck!

Results of Melted Snow Experiment


 Fast – Easy -Fun !

Get out there to do this, if you have snow, and have some fun!

Don’t forget to write in and let me know 1 (or more) reaction your child(ren) had.

Want more ideas to have fun out in the snow?  “More Snow Fun” covers more of our favourite winter activities!

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    1. Hi Christin!
      Yes, it is quite dirty and this snow was taken from a very white and clean looking snow pile.
      Be sure to let me know what results you get! 🙂

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