Homeschool Summer Reading

Homeschool Summer Reading
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Books for Summer
Homeschool Summer Reading

Summer time,

A time to…

  • unwind
  • relax
  • be adventurous
  • play
  • dream
  • discover

What better way to check off everything on the above list than to open up a great book!

We are often sitting outside reading our books, getting lost in adventures of the future, days gone past, antics of the animal world or silly stories just for fun.

No matter what book we choose to read, the 1 thing we love to do is gather around for our family read-a-loud time, and in the summer, we take it outdoors!

Family Outdoor Read-A-Loud Essentials

  1. A great book (check out what is on our reading list).
  2. A blanket to sit on.
  3. Sunscreen, Hats, Bug Spray.
  4. Pitcher of fresh water with lemon slices, or a homemade batch of Lemonade.
  5. Snacks, my kids enjoy fruits slices and some homemade goodies.
  6. Bubbles, or sand toys if you have a sandbox.  This allows kids to also keep busy as I read, if they really feel the need to move around
  7. An easy supper on the menu. Something in the slowcooker or something you can have pre-made like cold salads etc. Then you can loose yourselves in the adventures of your book for the whole afternoon!
  8. A great discussion! There is nothing we like better to than to sit and talk about the story we are reading.
  9. Room to act out what was read.  Let the kids run around the yard to “play” out their interpretation of the story.
  10. A clear agenda for Mom or Dad.  Don’t let your usual “to do list” nag at you…enjoy your reading time with your kids!
Summer Reading
G.K. Chesterton Quote

Our Reading List at the moment:

(Could you help me out? At the bottom of this post I have a question for you!)



What is on your Reading List

Notice I don’t have a book for myself!

What would you recommend for my summer reading? (Moms need a good book too!)

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