How to Rise Above the Negative

How to Rise Above the Negative

Rise Above the Negative
Rise Above! Stay Focused! Have Fun!


So you are homeschooling, or thinking of homeschooling, you’re excited and start to share with others what you do or what you are planning to do…then it happens….

The negative talk, raised eyebrows and the hesitant…“Oh?”

Sooner or later we are all faced with this and I hope that for your sake it is few and far between.  The truth of the matter is … the negative outlook others share can slowly eat away at us, not to mention it just plain ol’ hurts!

 The negative talk can even make us question what is in our hearts and all the thought we put into homeschooling…don’t let that happen to you!

There are many approaches to dealing with negativity and difficult people and I should share with you that  I am not an expert in this field.  However, I can share what has worked for me, as well as what has worked for others.  Maybe something here will help you get through one of  ‘those days’.

What Can We Do?


  • Know with conviction and passion why you homeschool!  The true grit to your everyday.
  • Smile!  Smiles can be contagious, it might throw those nay-sayers off track when they see you love what you do.
  • Be understanding!  Some comments I hear/see scream insecurity and ignorance.
  • Know you don’t need to explain your why to everyone.  No matter what you say or solid research you provide, some just will not hear you out anyway.  No need to go there, rise above!
  • Consider that some may just be flustered by your confidence.   As a homeschooler, you are going against the norm and following your heart’s desire.  This is hard to do for many, maybe those who are questioning you and your decision are looking for real answers for themselves.
  • Surround yourself with positive people. Find some like-minded families to hang out with.  They don’t necessarily have to be homeschoolers themselves, just people who support you in your homeschooling.  There are also many on-line forums for you to check out, and don’t forget the many social media sites as well.
  • Reach out to other homeschool families.   Create your own positive vibe by helping someone else out with their homeschooling.  Invite someone over for tea or coffee!

Other Things I Do

  • No “school work” that day.  If I feel deflated from the negative conversation, we go home and put away any core “school work” for the day!   I do not want the negative energy seeping into our lessons.
  • Make sure the rest of your day is FUN!  Crank the tunes, do crafts, go out and buy new pencils, watch a movie, go for a nature hike, start a new read-a-loud book, make a volcano…so many options for having a fun day.
  • Gather up those amazing little people in your life and hand out the hugs. Talk about all the fun things you have done that month because you have the freedom to homeschool.  (My boys, 11 and 9 years old at the time, have already had the privilege to go out and volunteer!  They have done many little things, but have also each done a 5  hour shift during the “school day”. )
  • Grab your  spouse and let him/her know how thankful you are.   It is easy for us to complain and lean on one another when our days get long, instead just give each other a hug and a pat on the back.  Build each other up and chat about why you love homeschooling!
Have Fun
Take Time to Play!

These are just a few  things to help you get through some negative comments that may come your way.

I really want to convey to you that we can all rise above the negativity of others in a positive and proactive way.

Rise Above!  Stay Focused!  Have Fun!


Now it is your turn!   Please share with us …

What are you going to do to keep in your  positive homeschool groove?



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  1. You shared some fabulous insights here Angela. Maybe I’m still “new” to our homeschool journey in that some of the comments do bother/affect me. I love your idea of dropping the “core” work for that day… I totally agree that the thoughts/insecurities can creep into my lessons. I think the hardest is when my children are cornered and asked uncomfortable questions. That’s really hard.

    Thanks for sharing!

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