It’s Your Day!

How did you start your morning?


I used to be both a night owl and a morning person, it was great!  It also baffled everyone around me how I could be just as chipper in the early mornings as I could be later in the evenings.

For a long time I took my ability to be an “any kind of day person”  for granted!  I haven’t been embracing my mornings like I used to, I haven’t been mindful of what works for me.

I’m not sure when this happened? (nor will I dwell on when or why)

Life has a way of throwing so much at our feet from time to time which can easily distract us from the core and essence of who we are.  This isn’t to say that what is thrown our way is all bad either, some of it is good.

In fact, I can become more distracted by the beauty in my life sometimes more than the bad things.  Either way, it is a distraction.

This morning, however I woke up earlier than I have in a long time (very early) without having to set my alarm.

I was tired and could’ve gone right back to sleep had it not been for the nagging shooting pain going down my leg.  (Yes, I awoke to a pinched sciatic nerve.)  So, I got up and on with my day; thinking either way I will be tired so I may as well be up and at ’em.

It’s Your Day!

I stumbled to the kitchen in the dark of the morning, kids and dogs still deep in slumber, and make myself a cup of coffee.  I opened the curtains, it is still dark outside, so I turn on a small light in the corner and just sit.

  Just me

my hot coffee

my family all still snug as bugs

the quiet

the dimly lit room

the stillness and gift of a new day

Suddenly I was overcome with a realization >> I forgot how much I LOVE early mornings!

Why did I let it slip away from me?

The stillness and quietness has a way of helping me sort through all those stirring thoughts we can all have.  I gain so much clarity in the quiet of the morning!

I am so thankful for waking up early today, it reminded me not only of how important it is for me to be up to enjoy the early mornings, but it also reminded me that I can choose my outlook of the coming day.

Thinking back to those days when my co-workers and friends were amazed by my ability to be both a morning person just as much as I could be a night owl I realize it was my decision to be that way.

We can choose to be joyful, and to take on our day with a smile; whether it be in the morning, the evening, or anywhere in between.

Life can be hard enough without us getting in our own way and forgetting what works for us.

I am taking back my mornings!

What are doing to get back on track today?


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