Last Friday!!

Well it  has been a busy week!   The weather earlier in the week reminded us that spring is in fact going to come!  The troops are getting restless…lol.  They had bikes out and the road hockey was on!
Wednesday we had a facilitator visit, this was our first one where we had someone come mid year and it was great.  It gave me a sort of checklist of things that I want to do with the children before May and the best part… looks like we will have everything wrapped up by the end of May!!  Now when I say that you have to understand that our family actually does quite a bit during the summer.  Since we are outside a lot we do quite a bit of nature study and science, the kids are constantly reading and playing and having fun.  After all it seems quite ridiculous to learn about bugs when they are beneath 4 feet of snow with temperatures of -30.
Thursday we woke to about 4 inches of fresh, heavy, wet snow…sigh.  Luckily it was a day I had planned a fun activity.  We went to see a local production of Snow White, put on by the Christian Youth Theatre.  It was absolutely great!  The children enjoyed it so much and want to explore getting involved with theatre.  I think I have 2 that would like to be stage hands and 1 that would like to start in the starring role…lol.
Once we were home, we had a message that Detective’s glasses were in!  We ordered them on Monday, so it was a nice surprise for him that they were here already.  This is his first set of glasses and something new for him.  He is excited and looks so handsome in them.  He did a great job picking them out too!   Over the next little bit it will be an adjustment for him, but he already can notice a difference for his reading and written work.
This weekend also brings our pond hockey to a close.  The boys will miss it, but it will be nice to have a bit more time on the weekends.  I think we should plan something special for our family as a small wind up of our winter season of sports and studies.  If only mother nature would cooperate and help get rid of the snow.

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