Mom…Mundane or Superhero? It’s Your Choice!

Mom…Mundane or Superhero?  It’s Your Choice!

We just celebrated Mother’s Day and there have been many people blogging about it; everything from what to buy for mom,  to what mom really wants.  I read some of these posts and most of them were very good, but left me thinking…what about the kids?

WHAT?  The KIDS?…Isn’t this MY DAY?

Yes it is a day to celebrate you the mom, but it is also a huge day for your kids.  They might not have the words to say it yet, but you are their hero!

It might seem like they don’t notice all the day to day tasks of being a mommy, but they do.

So now ask yourself this….How do you carry out your day to day tasks?  To put it simply, for purposes of looking through the eyes of your child, do you carry out your Mommy jobs with a smile or a frown?

They are with you day in and day out, not everyday will be full of positivity, but it can serve to show them that even when things are hard you keep going and keep caring.

Many of the tasks we do as mothers can be trivial, even mundane if you let them be, but you have the power to change that.  You have a choice, you can grump about your daily chores, or you can carry them out with love keeping the greater purpose of what you do everyday at the forefront of your mind.

We are Moms!

We hug, snuggle, rub backs, clean, launder, drive, cheer,  mend scraped knees, hold hands, stock the pantry, help heal broken hearts, teach, guide, pray, cook, tidy, encourage, lay down the law, hold our tongues when lessons need to be learned, tuck in, etc.  Then we repeat it all the next day, you can look at it from the perspective of mundane, or you can look at it through the eyes of your child and be the hero they know you are!

You are their HERO!

Every Mother’s day I truly love anything they give to me!  That even includes some years where they have all been sick and I have been exhausted taking care of them…Mothering them, rubbing their backs, reading them stories and helping them feel better.

Everything you do counts, never underestimate the power of the smallest, seemingly insignificant task on your to do list.

Something I do EVERY year on Mother’s Day (and even throughout the year)

I ALWAYS make time at the end of the day to let my kids know just how privilegedlucky  and proud I am to be their Mom!

I have the best job in the world!


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