More Spelling Fun…video

More Spelling Fun…video

Here is a short video showing another way we make spelling more engaging and fun!  This is great for all children, especially those kinesthetic learners.  My kids get tired of writing out what seems to be endless  lists of words which means they are shutting down.  If they shut down, they are not learning; so break the cycle and take  a different approach.

Using letter tiles and making little crossword puzzles is fun and takes very little time to do.  Get the list of words,  letter tiles, a camera (I like to document our work, I also like the kids to see what they have accomplished), and a cup of your desired beverage and do spelling.

Once kids get the hang of this, take it one step further and have them actually create crossword clues for each word.  They can make a book of crossword puzzles to share with friends and family!

Let me know when you try this and what you discovered about your child(ren)!

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