Recovering from Homeschool Burnout

Recovering from Homeschool Burnout


Homeschool burnout … it happens.

Even when we think it can’t happen to us, it can.

I am not an expert, nor do I hold a degree in psychology, but I am a Mom.

A mom who homeschools, a mom who lives real life.

A life where laundry never folds itself and thus sits too long in baskets, where library books are sometimes overdue, where we have days supper has to be ordered in last minute because I was too tired to run to the grocery store.

But also a life full of fun, smiles, hugs, games, toys and learning along side of my wonderful family.

We all know life, at times, has a way of dishing out way too much on our already overfull plates.  It has happened to me more than once, so I thought I would share some things I do to recover from those moments of feeling tired, overwhelmed or even what we all fear:  Burnout.

This is not my expert opinion, but rather things I do for myself to help stay on track and yes…even recover in times of burnout

Recover from Homeschool Burnout
Homeschool Burnout


My Real Life Recovery Strategies:

  1. Prayer/Meditation
  2. Fun, Fun and More Fun; plan a Field Trip!   “Planning the Perfect Family Field Trip”
  3. Coffee Shops and Book Stores – Journal some basic ideas to get back your groove   “Find Your Homeschool Groove”
  4. Get Up and Get Moving   “How I Stay Fit With Kids Underfoot”  (my guest post at Lisa Johnson Fitness )
  5. Puzzles, Games and Play Dough
  6. Make a trip to the Food Bank or Gather things for a Toy Drive
  7. Pick a Small Corner of your House to re-vamp
  8. Unplug
  9. Get More Sleep
  10. Take some goofy pictures with your kids
  11. A good cup of tea and a good book for a family read-a-loud
  12. Take a Nature walk with your kids or just you and your spouse
  13. Skype with a friend
  14. Play some of your favourite music
  15. Say “NO thank you” to adding more into your schedule
  16. Celebrate Your Family – Have a Dance Party

Bottom Line:

Never loose touch with what makes you smile, what energizes you and what moves you. These will be your “go-to” self-care strategies!

Time for ourselves as homeschool parents may be limited, but that just means we need to be more diligent about taking care of ourselves.

Schedule time for yourself to recover!

What helps you to unwind and re-focus?

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  1. These are some great ideas for overcoming homeschool burnout! I think most homeschooling moms deal with burnout from time to time because of being with their kids 24/7. Leaning on Christ for strength has gotten me though difficult times.

    1. Thanks Adelien!

      Yes, if we are mindful of our own limits as well as some of our behviours as burnout is approaching, we can help keep it at bay; or at the very least try to keep it from overwhelming us.

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