Run Your Own Race

Run Your Own Race
It's Your Homeschool Journey
Run Your Own Race

In this age of information overload with social media sites and instant messaging our world is noisier and more connected than ever.  While it can help us learn more and even develop new friendships, it can also lead us to get caught up in what everyone else is doing.

Don’t get me wrong, it is nice to share and help one another with:

  • What books we are reading
  • How we handled a Math melt down
  • Ideas on preparing our kids for College
  • Spelling tips and tricks
  • How to make learning come alive
  • Organizing all the supplies
  • Encouragement when the tough days hit
  • etc.

The thing is, we can easily get caught up in it all and start comparing ourselves to what everyone else seems to be doing.


We forget to run our own race!

I had a gym teacher a few years ago   (ok …it was many years ago, just humour me!),  coaching us for our track and field meet, stop us mid race because we were looking back over our shoulders to see who was coming up behind.  He said, every time we look over our shoulder, we are slowing ourselves down.

Now it didn’t feel that way, but once we got used to just powering through the race focusing on ourselves, pushing ourselves to do the best we could each do…we all got faster.  We also all became much better at being in tune to what is going on around us.


Don’t Keep Looking Over Your Shoulder

While it is necessary and great to connect with friends, to network and help one another out, it is also necessary to just be present and mindful of what you are up to in our own homes.

The time comes everyday where we just have to focus on our families and where we are at in our “race” and not slow ourselves down by looking over our shoulder.


Our Time – Our Journey – Our Race

Each and everyone of us can share similar experiences, but we also have our own unique circumstances.  We will slow down our progress if we keep looking over our shoulders and comparing ourselves to other families.

Don’t worry if  you see the other family who seems to do a lot of Art and you don’t.  Take note that you would like to start adding more Art to your children’s studies, but please don’t stress about it.

Nor should you worry if you feel like some academics are behind…

We all learn at different rates, we all have life throw different things in our path from time to time.  If in fact, you truly are behind…again please don’t stress, it’s just time to make a new plan.  A plan which is right for your family and your circumstances.

We can find a pace which works for us!  Our friends (whether in real life or via social media networks) can help us keep our pace, encourage us, and even give us a nudge from time to time.

Good friends will even give us reminders, like my gym teacher, to focus on our own race should they notice we are starting to look over our shoulders. 😉


Run Your Race-Enjoy Your Journey and Encourage One Another!



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