Spelling Can Be F-U-N!

Spelling Can Be F-U-N!
Homeschool Spelling is Fun!

Spelling can be:

Monotonous, boring, tedious, time consuming, the list can go on and on and that is just how I feel, never mind the kids.

I have a solution for you … make spelling   FU-N !

It is proven that our emotions directly correlate to how much we learn and retain! (it’s true!)

Keeping a positive and fun atmosphere will keep everyone, including mom, engaged and excited to learn.

Think about when someone has the opportunity to engage in a hobby, it is something they don’t mind investing time in as it is a positive and joyful experience.  This is what we need to do for our children and even for us moms.  Positive and joyful learning/teaching experiences will facilitate accomplishment for everyone.

If  we engage our children in a different positive way  we will not only help eliminate some foundational school work boredom, but this will also help with memory retention.   Not to mention it is a wonderful way to get some critical work done with some of those children who can’t sit still.  😉

How We Make Spelling Fun!

One way we make spelling fun is to use our yoga ball!

A child will sit on the ball,  I will put a word on our white board and he/she will bounce for each letter they say out loud.

Using the white board, and or letter tiles to spell out words is also something we do.

Spelling does not have to be pencil to paper and endless lists.



We also use this technique to help with some eye exercises with my one son, the movement forces his eye to work harder to stay on track while also engaging different parts of his brain.  (to see a quick reference of  right and left brain hemispheres pop over to my post titled  Break Free Part 2 – Games)

Another added plus is they are working some of their core stability muscles at the same time. (wahoo!)

I love how a yoga ball can have so many uses for such little investment!

How do you make spelling fun?



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