Think You Can’t Homeschool Art? Think Again!

Think You Can’t Homeschool Art? Think Again!

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Art and Your Homeschool
Homeschooling Art with Chalk Pastels



Ok, I’ll fess up here and say Art has never been my strong suit.

Sure, we do crafts from time to time, I get books from the library filled with famous artists’ paintings for us to look at, or use some “how to” books where I try my best to help my kids grasp the techniques laid out before them; often leaving us all a tad frustrated.

Feeling frustrated and discouraged can make it easier for us to push Art aside.

Until Now!

I took the plunge and tried “A Seasonal Start in Fall Chalk Pastels – Art for All Ages” from Tricia Hodges and Lucia Hames (Nana) at Southern Hodgepodge  (in exchange for my honest review).

Fall chalk pastels

What made me decide to jump in and try it?

This demo on YouTube where they use chalk pastels to draw an apple in 1 minute (or less)!

I realized one thing…

I Can Do This! 

I Can Teach My Kids Real Art Techniques!


After watching this demonstration I literally went out the very next day to purchase our own set of chalk pastels and paper!

Art Supplies
Chalk Pastels

The first thing my kids wanted me to do (knowing how Art challenged I am) is to take the 1 minute apple challenge!

Guess what?

I did it, score 1 for Mom!

That was all they needed to dig into these tutorials and give it a shot!


Teaching Art


Homeschool Art
Creating Art with Chalk Pastels


“A Seasonal Start in Fall Chalk Pastels – Art for All Ages” is:

  • Well laid out
  • Includes tips to preserve your masterpiece
  • Includes ideas for easy clean-up
  • Glossary of terms
  • Make sense
  • Fun to do

Filling the Art Gap

After a week of not being completely prepared to start our Homeschool year, this has propelled us into our fall term with fresh enthusiasm! 

  • My kids are excited to do Art again
  • They have a new found confidence in their abilities
  • They are going beyond the tutorials and creating on their own
  • They are smiling as they work!

And Best of all I heard…

“Hey Mom! Look what I can do!”


Use chalk pastels to create real art. It is a forgiving medium which allows you to soften lines and experiment easily with blending colours.

No matter how old you are, whether you homeschool or not, these Chalk Pastel e-book tutorials are worth it!

* I’d like to Thank Tricia Hodges for the opportunity to review her latest chalk pastel e-book

“A Seasonal Start in Fall Chalk Pastels – Art for All Ages”

Get your Chalk Pastel Books and Unleash your family’s inner artist!

You ARE an Artist Curriculum Bundle

Or Grab this bundle to save money!

Art for All Ages Bundle

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  1. Angela – I love your enthusiasm and it makes me so very happy to hear that the 1 minute apple helped get you all started with chalk pastels. Beautiful acorns! Thank you for this wonderful review!

  2. My boys are not really into art and I am certainly not an artist, but we all love Nana’s tutorials! What a fun and easy way to bring art into your home!

    1. I agree Heidi, these tutorials really do help everyone enjoy Art. Keep creating and keep having fun with your pastels!

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