Why Do You Want to Homeschool?

Why Do You Want to Homeschool?

I  follow Carrie Wilkerson, she has a great perspective on business which I find can translate very well to everyday life.  I recently watched an episode called “Your Why” and instantly thought of our homeschool.

Although it pertains to business, it relates closely to us moms and dads who have decided to homeschool.

Why did you start?

What prompted you to research homeschooling in the very beginning?  Every homeschooling family will have different reasons and we also share some common reasons too.

Why Do You Homeschool
Why Do You Homeschool?


Some of My Why:

I started because sending my sweet children off to Kindergarten did not seem natural at all.  Nothing about it felt normal to me.

Here we were teaching all the important life skills they would need like walking, talking, reading, playing, dexterity, motor skills etc.,  in a comfortable loving environment.  Not only that, my kids were thriving, having fun and were on fire for any kind of information they could get their  cute little hands on.  They wanted to know about dinosaurs, trucks, animals, bugs, flowers, trees, building things, touching things, you name it they were into it and wanted to know more about it.  I loved every minute of it answering all their why questions and they loved my answers prompting them to ask even more!  We had a good thing going, so WHY would it make sense for me to stop the flow of information, to change the structure of our days by sending them off to school?

Together we went out  to the library, the local museum, we were always taking in nature on our long walks collecting leaves, rocks and whatever else they could convince me of.  My kids were learning real life patience, understanding, empathy and social skills needed for any situation.  Scouting groups and sports were also part of our week and gave them an outlet to be independent with other children and adults.

This is one part of my “Why”, how about you? 

What gets you motivated everyday?   

Do you forget your ‘why’?

Sometimes  we can get  caught up in our day or whatever family drama that may be going on and we can loose our focus.  It happens to everyone:  homeschoolers, business owners, employees, we are all vulnerable.

What can we do to guard ourselves and get back on track?

In order to restore some sort of  “normal” and to bring everything back into focus I like to write little reminders.  Write down why you started or why you want to start on some nice paper, or in a journal.

I like to use pretty recipe cards for these ideas, after all my why is part of my recipe for our home school  success!  When I feel a little burdened, tired or burnt out I make a cup of tea or coffee reach for my box and relive my excitement for our family and our home school.

Decide right now  to take some action and gain some focus by writing down your “why”  using whatever works for you, but make sure it is written on something that represents who you are, I am not a journal person, thus the recipe box idea.  Also make sure it is always accessible and that you remember to reach for it to either fill in more of your “why” or for when you need a refreshing reminder.

Be loving, strong and courageous and continue on your homeschool journey.


My Free gift for you:

HSI Bookmarks to print and record your “Why”.

Enjoy and Happy Homeschooling! 🙂

 HSI Bookmarks (blue) and HSI Bookmarks (natural/gray)


Want more reasons?

Check out:  “23 Reasons We Homeschool”

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    1. You are most welcome Adelien!
      I love going back through my goals and my “why”, it is a great way to stay on course as well as helping recognize when to change things up.
      Have fun tracking your “why”!

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