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Homeschool Middle School and High School

Homeschooling Middle School and High School

Ever feel like you have just got this homeschooling thing on a roll and then all of a sudden it is time to change things up again? You have finally found your rhythm and groove with your toddlers, 1st grade, 3rd grade, 5th grade, and 8th grade kiddos; then spring comes, homeschool conferences start up and […]

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iHomeschool Studio – Online Learning for the Homeschool Parent

Note: The Live iHomeschool Studio event has past but the MP3 recordings are still available, click on this link: iHomeschool Studio MP3 Recordings, or on any photo to purchase.     *Affiliate link Ever wish you could pack up and escape to a Home School Conference? Then reality hits and you realise this year it won’t […]

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How I Teach Crtiical Thinking

How I Teach Critical Thinking in Our Homeschool

      Critical Thinking is an essential part of learning.  In order for us to be resilient and successful in life we need to be able to gather facts, process through them, know if we require any more information or help, and then make a decision to move forward. Learning how to “Think it Through” […]

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Tips for Teaching the Least Favourite Subjects

Homeschooling Your Child’s Least Favourite Subject

What to do when you have a child excel and love one subject area  but does their best to avoid another subject area?  Hint:  The answer does not include pulling out your hair or giving a lecture. Many of us parents face this teeter-totter emotion from our children throughout the year. Let’s face it, we ourselves have […]

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HSI Coffee Break

HSI Coffee Break – Homeschooling Your Child’s Least Favourite Subject

We all have them…those academic subjects which stumble us up and make us trip over our own feet. Your kids are no exception. In this video I chat with you about what to do when your child excels in one subject area and wants to shy away from the one which presents a problem for […]

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