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Homeschoolers Need To Stick Together to Be Stonger

All Homeschoolers Need to Stick Together To Be Stronger

No matter what homeschool philosophy or method you follow, we all have similarities and common ground we can stand on. All too often I see or hear of homeschool families divided. The Unschoolers v.s. the Classical; the Charlotte Mason v.s. the Textbook Style, Christian Homeschoolers v.s. the Secular Homeschoolers, etc. But, what if we stuck […]

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8 Homeschooling Styles

8 Homeschooling Methods

Well you have decided to homeschool, you are excited, maybe a bit nervous; but ready to jump into doing some more research. I spent many coffee breaks and evenings on the internet looking at different curricula, and then I found that there were actually different methods of homeschooling. Maybe you are doing your own research […]

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Mom Time

Time for Mom

Do you take time for yourself?  I’m talking about real time for you. I am really good at putting myself last; it starts slowly and with the simplest things, like caring for a sick child.  Of course we would (and should) cancel all of our “me time” to care for our child who is under […]

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