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Homeschool Middle School and High School

Homeschooling Middle School and High School

Ever feel like you have just got this homeschooling thing on a roll and then all of a sudden it is time to change things up again? You have finally found your rhythm and groove with your toddlers, 1st grade, 3rd grade, 5th grade, and 8th grade kiddos; then spring comes,¬†homeschool conferences start up and […]

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Preschool Homeschool

Tips for Homeschooling the Early Years…You Can Do It!

This is a short post as a reminder to you that…..You Can Do It!   I both hear and see many comments from new home school moms about what curriculum to use for the early grades, meaning Kindergarten to let’s say grade 2. ¬†These are good and fair questions, after all this is new territory […]

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