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Recover from Homeschool Burnout

Recovering from Homeschool Burnout

  Homeschool burnout … it happens. Even when we think it can’t happen to us, it can. I am not an expert, nor do I hold a degree in psychology, but I am a Mom. A mom who homeschools, a mom who lives real life. A life where laundry never folds itself and thus sits too long […]

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Find Your Home School Groove

Find Your Homeschool Groove!

“Library Day!!” When I make the above statement my kids scurry around the house to find their library cards, backpacks and rolling suitcases; then place them by the front door. They will grab a snack…usually apples and bottles of water, quickly dress and remind me to make sure I have change for the parking meter! […]

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HSI Coffee Break – Teaching a Second Language

Are you teaching a second language in your home?  When it comes time to learn those new vocabulary words and everyone is getting tired of handwriting them out to memorize…try this fun activity!   Supplies Needed: Sharpie Marker (or any marker) Post-it Notes Willingness to have things get a little crazy Something your kids like […]

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Waiting Room Boredom Busters!

Don`t Plug In…Be Creative! If your child is sick, often sitting on your lap and reading a story is all you will need to pass the time.  But what if all your other children are in tow? Perhaps no one is ill and you are just waiting for another type of appointment or event? We […]

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More Snow Fun!

  This is one of our favourite snow activities! My kids love to play in the snow and build forts (ok sometimes it’s me too 🙂  ).   We also love to go out and colour the snow! Snow Art   Supplies Needed: Spray bottles Water Food Colouring Snow This is also a great activity to […]

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