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Planning Your Homeschool Curriculum

Planning Your Homeschool Curriculum – The First Steps

Do you love to look through catalogues, shop on-line, or do you need to get your hands onto your prospective purchases? Once you jump into this homeschooling pool you soon realize there is an even larger pool of amazing curriculum you can choose from! This post isn’t about planning out curriculum day by day, but […]

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Waiting Room Boredom Busters!

Don`t Plug In…Be Creative! If your child is sick, often sitting on your lap and reading a story is all you will need to pass the time.  But what if all your other children are in tow? Perhaps no one is ill and you are just waiting for another type of appointment or event? We […]

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Playing games to homeschool

Homeschooling with Games

“Break Free in Your Homeschool”  has made me think of so many mini posts! This one is about:   Games How often do you use games during your home school week? We used to play a lot of games and for some reason these past few months,  games have been an after thought or even […]

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