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Tips for Teaching the Least Favourite Subjects

Homeschooling Your Child’s Least Favourite Subject

What to do when you have a child excel and love one subject area  but does their best to avoid another subject area?  Hint:  The answer does not include pulling out your hair or giving a lecture. Many of us parents face this teeter-totter emotion from our children throughout the year. Let’s face it, we ourselves have […]

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Independent Learning in your homeschool

Homeschooling Independent Learners

    Independent Learners … it’s what most of us strive for in the homeschooling of our children. Having kids who can read, decipher and then apply new information without us holding their hand through it all is a valuable skill. I am lucky to have independent learners.  Even the youngest who requires my help to […]

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Homeschool Spelling

Spelling Help

Has spelling become boring and somewhat grueling? No matter what workbooks you use, or even if you make your own word list from books you are reading, sometimes we just need to be more creative. There is a time for pen to paper and copying out words, but what if we could make it more […]

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