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Recover from Homeschool Burnout

Recovering from Homeschool Burnout

  Homeschool burnout … it happens. Even when we think it can’t happen to us, it can. I am not an expert, nor do I hold a degree in psychology, but I am a Mom. A mom who homeschools, a mom who lives real life. A life where laundry never folds itself and thus sits too long […]

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Tips for Teaching the Least Favourite Subjects

Homeschooling Your Child’s Least Favourite Subject

What to do when you have a child excel and love one subject area  but does their best to avoid another subject area?  Hint:  The answer does not include pulling out your hair or giving a lecture. Many of us parents face this teeter-totter emotion from our children throughout the year. Let’s face it, we ourselves have […]

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Books for Summer

Homeschool Summer Reading

*This post contains affiliate links.     Summer time, A time to… unwind relax be adventurous play dream discover What better way to check off everything on the above list than to open up a great book! We are often sitting outside reading our books, getting lost in adventures of the future, days gone past, […]

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Playing games to homeschool

Homeschooling with Games

“Break Free in Your Homeschool”  has made me think of so many mini posts! This one is about:   Games How often do you use games during your home school week? We used to play a lot of games and for some reason these past few months,  games have been an after thought or even […]

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