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Sir Ken Robinson: Bring on the learning revolution!

I  had the privilege of having a few mins with Sir Robinson, and besides being very entertaining, he is the one man that has had me seriously thinking of homeschooling. Have a look at what he terms the “Second climate crisis” of human resources, our young resources are how we can change the world. But I’ll […]

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8 Homeschooling Styles

8 Homeschooling Methods

Well you have decided to homeschool, you are excited, maybe a bit nervous; but ready to jump into doing some more research. I spent many coffee breaks and evenings on the internet looking at different curricula, and then I found that there were actually different methods of homeschooling. Maybe you are doing your own research […]

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Playing games to homeschool

Homeschooling with Games

“Break Free in Your Homeschool”  has made me think of so many mini posts! This one is about:   Games How often do you use games during your home school week? We used to play a lot of games and for some reason these past few months,  games have been an after thought or even […]

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Why Do You Homeschool

Why Do You Want to Homeschool?

I  follow Carrie Wilkerson, she has a great perspective on business which I find can translate very well to everyday life.  I recently watched an episode called “Your Why” and instantly thought of our homeschool. Although it pertains to business, it relates closely to us moms and dads who have decided to homeschool. Why did […]

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