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Adapting Homeschool Schedules

Adopting Year Round Homeschooling, New Curriculum and Loving It

*This post contains affiliate links to products I use in our homeschool, see disclosure policy for full details. We have often kept up some sort of study throughout summer.  We are a family who embraces learning as a way of life v.s. something more institutional and dry.  Not to mention we live in Canada, so […]

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Organizing Your Homeschool Family

What kind of planner are you? I am a list maker, the “old fashioned” pencil and paper kind of list maker. There is something about a pencil or pen in my hand which helps me to own my to-do list.   When we physically write something out, it helps our minds to own those tasks a […]

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Find Your Home School Groove

Find Your Homeschool Groove!

“Library Day!!” When I make the above statement my kids scurry around the house to find their library cards, backpacks and rolling suitcases; then place them by the front door. They will grab a snack…usually apples and bottles of water, quickly dress and remind me to make sure I have change for the parking meter! […]

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It’s Your Day!

How did you start your morning?   I used to be both a night owl and a morning person, it was great!  It also baffled everyone around me how I could be just as chipper in the early mornings as I could be later in the evenings. For a long time I took my ability […]

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Ten Homeschooling Mistakes

10 Homeschooling “Mistakes” You Need to Quit

Ever feel like your happy home school has turned into a never ending roller coaster ride of emotions? Things roll along smoothly for a while and then the dips come…then the loooong climb back up to the top only to find you dive down once again; but this time with more momentum and speed.  There […]

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