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Organizing Your Homeschool Family

What kind of planner are you? I am a list maker, the “old fashioned” pencil and paper kind of list maker. There is something about a pencil or pen in my hand which helps me to own my to-do list.   When we physically write something out, it helps our minds to own those tasks a […]

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Tips for Teaching the Least Favourite Subjects

Homeschooling Your Child’s Least Favourite Subject

What to do when you have a child excel and love one subject area  but does their best to avoid another subject area?  Hint:  The answer does not include pulling out your hair or giving a lecture. Many of us parents face this teeter-totter emotion from our children throughout the year. Let’s face it, we ourselves have […]

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Homeschool Conferences

14 Tips to Surviving a Homeschool Conference

  Home School Conferences are an amazing time to reaffirm your commitment to homeschooling. Let’s face it some years, months or days can be difficult to get through.  Challenges can sometimes leave us feeling tired and weary.  We all need a plan of different actionable tasks to keep us on course, energized and prepared as […]

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Fitness and teens (and the wee ones too!)

Fitness and Teens Homeschooling and fitness for teenagers can be a tough mix.  Traditional schooling provides one type of framework with team sports and after school activities.  To keep your kids fit and not giving you the eyeroll you’ll have to come up with some out of the box ideas.  Here’s a few to get you started … […]

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Ten Homeschooling Mistakes

10 Homeschooling “Mistakes” You Need to Quit

Ever feel like your happy home school has turned into a never ending roller coaster ride of emotions? Things roll along smoothly for a while and then the dips come…then the loooong climb back up to the top only to find you dive down once again; but this time with more momentum and speed.  There […]

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