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HSI Coffee Break Preserve the Why and the Wonder in Our Children

HSI Coffee Break – Preserve the Why and the Wonder in Our Children

  Preserving the Why and the Wonder in our children can help them be more creative, brave and successful in life. Who knows…it might just help keep you inspired too!    

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I Have a Secret…It’s the Key to Your Home School Success!

Are you looking for  the  secret key ingredient to your success as a homeschooler, parent, entrepreneur, or even for your relationships? Are you full of passion but lack direction? Do you struggle with whether or not to follow your gut instincts? Chances are you may be forgetting to draw on and use this 1 important […]

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Why you can homeschool or home educate

23 Reasons Why We HomeSchool

Homeschooling is a is funny thing, it takes people who usually mind their own business and transforms them into out spoken, inquisitive folk.  The first question they will ask you is WHY? I used to really dislike getting bombarded with this question since it seemed like no matter what I said for my reasons why […]

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Why Do You Homeschool

Why Do You Want to Homeschool?

I  follow Carrie Wilkerson, she has a great perspective on business which I find can translate very well to everyday life.  I recently watched an episode called “Your Why” and instantly thought of our homeschool. Although it pertains to business, it relates closely to us moms and dads who have decided to homeschool. Why did […]

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