Biology-Discovering Cells: What is Mitochondria?

Biology-Discovering Cells: What is Mitochondria?

Earlier in the week I showed my kids a great cross-section of a cell with our ipad, an app called 3D CellStain.  It is a free app I downloaded with hopes of having a broad range of material available for the kids and I to explore.  Using the structure tab  we discovered a labelled cell and read about each part and  all the jobs they are responsible for.

A week later I discovered this video called “Powering the Cell:  Mitochondria”.  Although my children are all under 12 years old at this point, they were amazed by this amazing video journey inside a cell.

I am sharing this with you because all too often we don’t challenge ourselves or our children.  Do not forget to  open doors for your children to feed their curiosity.  My kids are now all in awe of cellular biology and have flooded me with enough questions to keep us learning more about cells for quite a while.

Take a look at this amazing video “Powering the Cell:  Mitochondria”


Isn’t this amazing?

My kids now want to know more about the mitochondria, as well as  the technical side of how scientists can look inside a cell.   Their minds have been opened and another new seed of knowledge has been planted!


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