Tips for Homeschooling the Early Years…You Can Do It!

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This is a short post as a reminder to you that…..You Can Do It!


I both hear and see many comments from new home school moms about what curriculum to use for the early grades, meaning Kindergarten to let’s say grade 2.  These are good and fair questions, after all this is new territory for you and there are mountains of different curricula to choose from.  There are also many free printable worksheets out there to assist you.


Tips for Homeschooling the Early Years

Tips for Homeschooling the Early Years

Don’t get me wrong, you can find some great curriculum out there that will support what you would like to achieve with your kids; just don’t let the search for it to burden you, weigh you down, or stop you from starting!


If you haven’t found the perfect curriculum to suit your needs, relax and  just start!  I know many families who confidently and successfully take on the early years themselves, using various resources and who are not tied to any 1 particular curriculum.


If you feel more comfortable using a curriculum, take your time and find something that will truly enhance and encourage your child’s early learning.


In the mean time, play with letters, numbers, sing songs, colour pictures, read books and just talk with your kids!  They are inspiring little people with amazing curiosity, tap into that and you will facilitate some amazing learning opportunities.


Most of all remember to have fun together, like I said before…..You Can Do It!

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