Homeschooling with Games

Homeschooling with Games

Game Day
Homeschooling with Games

“Break Free in Your Homeschool”  has made me think of so many mini posts!

This one is about:



How often do you use games during your home school week?

We used to play a lot of games and for some reason these past few months,  games have been an after thought or even pushed right aside.



Children love to play and they also need to play!

Playing games to homeschool


Playing  provides so much opportunity to lock in knowledge or learn something in a different way and often without realizing just how much they are learning.

Playing board games, as one instance,  can offer so much to your home school and it engages both hemispheres of the brain.

Let’s not forget that they are fun and a great way to break free from the same old routine!

Brain Hemisphere Processing:

Left Side Right Side
Analysis Holistic
Sequence Patterns
Time Spatial
Speech Context of Language
Recognizes:words/letters/numbers Recognizes:faces/places/objects
Processes external stimuli Processes internal messages

I’d also like to add that both hemispheres of the brain will be engaged when the task is more complex, so don’t forget to play games that challenge everyone a little too!

Now when you think of games as not learning, or as a waste of  “school time” reference this chart with your game closet…take a look at all the ways your brain is stimulated and challenged!  Games are a great way to spend some home school time.

Games to Enhance Your Homeschool

*This list contains affiliate links to games we love to play in our home



Schedule games into your day and have some fun!

What game are you going to pull out this week?

   Share with us in my Comment box below!

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  1. Are you smarter than a fifth grader board game is one that my children really enjoy! The game is US based; however, it contains several interesting facts!

  2. We play spelling bingo (each spelling word has a number and if they spell it correctly they mark off that number on the bingo board), also play board games with math, spelling, learning letters/numbers (if they do a problem, spell a word correctly or say the correct letter/number) they move forward a space. Simple, but the kids love it! And they don’t complain about there work then. We dot do it EVERY day though. 🙂

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