Recharge Yourself!

Yesterday I declared it my lazy day!
I just needed to lay low and enjoy the day.  I still had to get groceries and make a healthy roast beef dinner, but it was so nice to have time to sit and enjoy my family.
No housework, no laundry (even though it desperately needs tending to), and no workout (I had originally planned a 5 km run and then some static exercises).

I didn’t have to run away on a holiday (Although if my hubby surprised me with one I wouldn’t turn it down!), or even escape the home.  We just had a great day to hang out!  When I got home from the grocery run my hubby surprised me with a fresh batch of guacamole….yum!

It was nice that no one had to be anywhere.  In a family of 5 that is becoming more and more rare, especially as they grow older and are getting involved in sports.  Although it does make life busy I love that they have sports they not only enjoy, but work really hard at.  My two oldest also started doing some volunteer work for their sports facilities as well.  This past Friday they each did a 4 hour volunteer shift at a competition, they are only 11 and 9 years old, and I am proud of them.

So before I get too far off track…I just wanted you to realize what you do as a family is important.  It is good for your family to be out and involved, but don’t forget that it is also very important to take care of yourselves.

Say NO and Stay In

Sometimes taking care means you say ‘NO’ to more commitments, or to going out to visit friends and family.  Sometimes it means your are going to stay home and recharge yourself.

We had a wonderful day at home, I also noticed the children all start to relax too.  My husband started to putter, and that was fine.  The purpose of the day was not to do absolutely nothing, I just can’t do that; the purpose was that nothing had to absolutely be done.  We were not on any kind of timeline, we didn’t have to coordinate our calendars, we didn’t need to be anywhere, or pick anyone up.  We just hung out and in the process we had a wonderful family meal, the kids cleaned up their rooms and some vacuuming got done.

Give It a Try

Think of your home school now, what if you just left things…what if you set ground rules for no TV or media, but they could read whatever they wanted, they could colour, do puzzles, play games, go outside….

What do you think could come out of a “lazy homeschool day”?

Go ahead and take this idea of a lazy day to recharge yourself, but I also want you to pick a day and recharge your kids and your home school!

Some Ground Rules for Lazy Home School Day

  • No TV
  • No computers/video games
  • No movies
  • No friends
  • No curriculum…none
  • Free access to books
  • Free access to puzzles
  • Free access to board games
  • Free access to art supplies
  • Free access to colouring books
  • Free access to the outdoors (of course thinking of safety for the little ones)

You also need to be involved, get down and play with them, look at the dinosaur book, or the book on Optics, tackle a puzzle, or even do your own craft.

Hang out together and recharge, discuss and share with each other.  You need time to just be who you are and so do your kids.

I would love to hear what new discoveries you made together!

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