Your Favourite HSI Posts from 2014

Your Favourite HSI Posts from 2014

As we move into a new year we reflect on the one we left behind and look forward into the year to come.

In doing so, I thought I would take the time to share with all of you the Top Ten of Home School Innovation for 2014.


HSI Top Posts from 2014
Top Ten Posts from 2014


Here are your favourite HSI Posts from 2014:


  1. Tips For Homeschooling the Early Years …You Can Do It!
  2. How To Rise Above the Negative
  3. 8 Homeschooling Methods
  4. Homeschooling Middle School and High School
  5. How I Teach Critical Thinking in Our Homeschool
  6. Spelling Help – Think Outside the Box and Have Fun!
  7. Think You Can’t Homeschool Art? Think Again!
  8. Choosing Homeschool Curriculum
  9. Recovering From Homeschool Burnout
  10. Traditional Homeschooling v.s. Blended



I wish you all the best in your 2015 Homeschooling Adventures


Thank you for being a part of HSI!



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