Waiting Room Boredom Busters!

Waiting Room Boredom Busters

Don`t Plug In…Be Creative!

If your child is sick, often sitting on your lap and reading a story is all you will need to pass the time.  But what if all your other children are in tow? Perhaps no one is ill and you are just waiting for another type of appointment or event?

We could hand over the electronic devices for our kids and ourselves to pass the time. Or you can choose to unplug from technology for a while and plug into everything around you….including each other!

Here are some ideas and things we have done to help pass the time without technology.

12 Unplugged Boredom Busters

  1. Read a book…a real book in your hands with real pages to turn.
  2. Take a  snack.
  3. Colouring books, or small dry erase boards.
  4. Play x`s and o`s.
  5. Play Hangman.
  6. Talk about the the art work you see hanging in the room.
  7.  Take time to check in with one another…is your son/daughter’s favourite colour still blue?
  8. Name all the Continents…while you are at it name some animals, architecture, and food from each one too!
  9. Compare all your hands…you might be surprised what kind of discussion starts up.  At the very least you  get to see all their little hands and marvel at how amazing your children are.
  10. Look at patterns in the carpet, you might discover some cool shapes.
  11. What music do they have playing?  Is it a blast from the past?  Share with your kids how old you were when that song was on the radio.
  12. Crack some jokes.

So go ahead unplug, connect with one another and have some fun!



What are some of your favourite ways to pass the time without technology?


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